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A Solution To The Problem Of Metal Fatigue At Fastener Holes

During the 1960's, the aerospace technical community was presented a solution to the problem of metal fatigue at fastener holes. The process was simple, yet effective. Termed mandralizing, it was utilized by the leading aircraft manufacturers, and at that time entailed pulling a tapered mandrel through a fastener hole in a two-sided operation. The hole increased in size, resulting in compressive stresses around the hole. A pre-lubricated split sleeve was developed by the Boeing Company in the early 1970's, which allowed for a one-sided operation and greater fatigue life improvement.

The next major advancement in the state of the art occured with the introduction of the split mandrel process. This WCI-patented design offers tremendous cost savings with the elimination of the disposable split sleeve and lower labor costs. The only system to be cost-effectively automated, the split mandrel process provides equal or greater fatigue life enhancement, and is being implemented worldwide.

WCI has supplied "coldwork" tooling throughout the aerospace industry since 1966, and now has the most complete line of tooling available in the world. We count as our customers most major airframe manufacturers, and are a major provider of Commercial Service Bulletin coldwork kits to the world's airlines and service centers.

With a firm commitment to quality, WCI has introduced Statistical Process Control to insure the highest quality and reliability. Our equipment is manufactured to the most exacting tolerances in the industry to insure your fatigue enhancement needs are met.

Our technical engineering staff stands ready to help you with your specific fatigue enhancement problem. Please feel free to contact us with your application.