Coldworking: Stresswave

Low Cost and Automation for Production | Tooling in the Aircraft and Aerospace Industries

StressWave's new technology minimizes the cost of improving the fatigue life of holes in metal structures

The technology, with US and international patents, is easily automated and eliminates the cost of disposable tooling. StressWave uses the technique of imparting beneficial residual compressive stresses into the material before hole drilling. The use of compressive residual stresses to mitigate fatigue problems is commonly referred to as "cold working." It is a concept well proven and extensively used worldwide. StressWave expands on this concept with new processes offering lower costs and greater efficiencies.

Market applications include aircraft, railroads, ground vehicles, medical devices, ships, and industrial machinery.

StressWave coldworking creates a compressive resisual stress zone surrounding the hole and through the tickness of the part.


StressWave has a series of end effector designs suitable for integration into most automated fastening and/or assembly devices. Design services are available for other automated applications. Contact us about your specific requirements.