Coldworking Split-Sleeve Process

Split-Sleeve Process Tooling in Aircraft and Aerospace Industry

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Split-sleeve coldworking was developed in the early 1970's as a way to improve joint fatigue performance by expanding or compressing the material around the fastener hole.

Split-sleeve Process Explained

In the split-sleeve process, this is accomplished by inserting a mandrel that has been prefitted with a disposable sleeve, through a fastener hole, and pulling the mandrel back through the sleeve. The internal surface of the sleeve is pre-lubricated with a special dry lubricant, protecting the mandrel from excessive wear, and reducing the amount of force required to pull the mandrel.

For a further description of this process, please call our technical sales department, or download Engineering Handout WCI-EH-9201. See all Coldwork Downloads.

The Engineering Handout WCI-EH-9201 PDF > Table of Contents

  1. Scope
  2. Definitions
  3. Tooling Descriptions
  4. Split Sleeve Coldworking of Fastener Holes—Procedures
  5. CA Tooling–Titanium and High Strength Steel Alloys
  6. CB Tooling–Aluminum, High Interference
  7. CW Tooling–Aluminum, Low Interference
  8. Metric Tables – High Interference, CA and CB Tooling
  9. CRACKARRESTOR–Stop Drill Procedures
  10. Maintenance & Repair Tool Kits