Limited Access Tools

WCI-8162 Tiny Puller

There are situations where access for Coldwork tools seems to be impossible. For this reason we developed the 8162 family of pullers.

These pullers are designed to be as small as possible, each one is a pressed-together unit that is built for a specific hole diameter and stackup.

Every part of the puller is specific to the hole and stackup to make the smallest, shortest possible puller.

While any part of the puller can be replaced for repair, they are not general purpose pullers like the normal hand-held hydraulic pullers, with interchangeable mandrels and nosecaps for a wide range of hole sizes and stackups.

To minimize size, these pullers are operated with a wrench, they have a 1/2" hex on the back to drive the screw that pulls the mandrel thru the workpiece.

The wrench could be an ordinary box end wrench, a ratcheting box end wrench or an air powered nutrunner.

There is a reaction arm welded to the main housing to react wrench torque. This arm is made of soft steel, it is designed to be modified if necessary - it can be bent, welded to, or sawed off to further adapt the tool to the most difficult situations.

This tool can be equipped with an extension nosecap to clear adjacent fasteners or anything else that may be in the way of the normal body size.

The diameter of the extension follows the mandrel size, thus making each extension diameter as small as possible.

Since these are custom built for each application, there are no tools in stock. However, we pre-build many of the parts to the longest possible size and cut them down to make each specific tool to reduce lead time.

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The WCI-1800RA adapter is a right angle attachment for a WCI-1800 puller. It is for limited access areas that do not have enough room to fit a standard puller into, or where much disassembly can be avoided by being able to fit this adapter into the space available.

The adapter can be rotated to any convienient direction relative to the puller.

This adapter can take the full pull force of the 1800 puller, 27,000 lb (12,200kg) with a stroke of 4.5" (114mm)

Mandrel sizes available go from 18-0-N to 24-3-N. The mandrels are designed specifically for this puller, part number WCI-1800RA-FAM-XX-X-N-XX.

There is an extension nosecap available for this puller as well if additional clearance is needed near the hole to be coldworked, such as adjacent fasteners or structure. The extension nosecap part number is WCI-1800RA-FAN-XX-X-N-XX.

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The WCI-1750AH consists of a WCI-1700 puller with a right angle attachment on it. The right angle attachment can be added to any existing WCI-1700-20 puller.

This puller is used for limited access areas that a standard puller won’t fit in to.

  • It can be used with mandrel sizes from 4-0-N to 12-2-N, up to 1.5” stackup.
  • The right angle adapter is strong enough to take the full pull force of the puller, 9200 LB.
  • The adapter can be rotated on the end of the puller to any convienient position.

For further customization for those difficult jobs, the right angle adapter can be equipped with an extension nosecap, WCI-FAN-xxx-L. It uses special mandrels, WCI-FAM-xxx-x.

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