Limited Access Tools



The WCI-1800RA adapter is a right angle attachment for a WCI-1800 puller. It is for limited access areas that do not have enough room to fit a standard puller into, or where much disassembly can be avoided by being able to fit this adapter into the space available.

The adapter can be rotated to any convienient direction relative to the puller.

This adapter can take the full pull force of the 1800 puller, 27,000 lb (12,200kg) with a stroke of 4.5" (114mm)

Mandrel sizes available go from 18-0-N to 24-3-N. The mandrels are designed specifically for this puller, part number WCI-1800RA-FAM-XX-X-N-XX.

There is an extension nosecap available for this puller as well if additional clearance is needed near the hole to be coldworked, such as adjacent fasteners or structure. The extension nosecap part number is WCI-1800RA-FAN-XX-X-N-XX.


8326 000 1800RA assembly drawing1


8326 000 1800RA catalog drawing 

extension nosecap 1800RA adapter