Limited Access Tools


The WCI-1750AH consists of a WCI-1700 puller with a right angle attachment on it. The right angle attachment can be added to any existing WCI-1700-20 puller.

This puller is used for limited access areas that a standard puller won’t fit in to.

  • It can be used with mandrel sizes from 4-0-N to 12-2-N, up to 1.5” stackup.
  • The right angle adapter is strong enough to take the full pull force of the puller, 9200 LB.
  • The adapter can be rotated on the end of the puller to any convienient position.

For further customization for those difficult jobs, the right angle adapter can be equipped with an extension nosecap, WCI-FAN-xxx-L. It uses special mandrels, WCI-FAM-xxx-x.


wci 1750 puller in action

wci 1750 twisted 2

wci 1750 twisted 1

wci 1750 with ext. nose1

wci 1750 with ext. nose2


wci FAN NOSECAP ordering drawing


wci 1750 ah angle head puller CATALOG DRAWING