Products & Services - Automation in the Aircraft and Aerospace Industry

Products & Services - Automation

In todays competitive aircraft and aerospace manufacturing environment, companies are looking to automation as a way of improving productivity and reduce costs.

Several attempts have been made to automate the split sleeve method of coldworking, with little success. This is due to the seemingly simple process of installing, removing, and disposing of sleeves. Due to its simplicity, the sleeveless process has been successfully automated on a number of robotic installations. WCI engineers have worked with several companies to tailor and design automated coldworking end effectors to the exacting requirements of each company.

The advantages of the process automation include:

  • Minimal equipment required to operate the system
  • Higher worker productivity
  • Significant cost savings
  • Automate all processes steps: drilling, reaming, coldworking, inspection, fastener installation
  • Uses standard expendable tooling