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Pilot Hole Location System or Through Skin Sensor

Halosensor system

Magnet used as a target

Magnet used as a target

HALOSENSOR® systems accurately locate blind holes in large, complex structures such as aircraft assemblies, and significantly improve alignment accuracy.

The principle: aligning the drill guide sensor with a magnetic target placed inside of the structure. A portable hand held drill position system designed to quickly and accurately detect the position of a blind pilot hole from the outside of a non ferrous structure. E.g. wing or fuselage.

This system consists of a head containing sensor array processor electronics, suction clamping, a drill bush / guide and a tripod of feet to normalise the head to the structure. Location is found using an intuitive human interface display which allows an operator to quickly and easily locate the pilot hole up to 0.005" through structure up to 4" thick.

The system is powered by a portable power / air control box capable of running the system for up to 24 hours on a single charge and only requires positive air pressure input of between 60 and 120 PSI to operate the suction clamping. The system is designed to withstand reasonable use in the rugged work environment and is supplied calibrated and ready to use and has no adverse effect sensing through any combination of Aluminum, Carbon Composite or Titanium structures.

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View the HALOSENSOR® introductory video below.