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Use this guide to select the proper tool code for a given hole size, and display the standard tooling for that size

While this covers the most commonly used tooling, please contact us if you do not see the particular tooling for your application.

Several sleeve coldworking process are available, depending upon the material to be coldworked, the interference level desired and the particular application:

High strength steel, titanium - higher interference than CB
Aluminum, mild steel - high interference
Sleeveless (Split Mandrel) Tooling
Special repair applications
Aluminum, mild steel - low interference
Tooling Cross Reference

Sleeve Coldworking Processes

CA Tooling
Specifically designed for high strength steel and titanium applications, CA tooling has a slightly higher level of applied expansion. Due to the nature of the material being coldworked, the mandrels are special high strength materials. Available sizes range from 1/8" to 45/64" (3.117.9 mm) in 1/64" increments. Applied expansion ranges from 3.6 to 6.1% (5% nominal).
CB Tooling
Class I. Used in production and rework applications with aluminum and mild steel, it is commonly specified for aircraft service bulletins, and is available in standard sizes ranging from 1/8" through 1 51/64" (3.145.6 mm) in 1/64" increments. Provided applied expansion ranges from 3-6% (4% nominalhigh interference). See Section V for tooling tables. CB tooling is available in tooling kits, CWORK-1 and CWORK3.
CR Tooling
The CR series was originally developed for rework applications, but can also be used for new fastener holes ranging from 3/16" to 13/32" (4.810.3). When coldworking a previously countersunk hole, the hole should be processed using the next larger tool size. See Section VII for tooling tables. Applied expansion is higher than CB tooling, which allows the use of fewer tool sets to coldwork a range of holes. A full set of CR tooling is available in kit form as the CWORK2B.
CW Tooling
Class II. Used in aluminum and mild steel applications, the CW process provides approximately 3% applied expansion, (low interference) for moderately stressed areas.
Application Specific Tooling
Due to our customers' unique configurations and requirements, WCI has designed and developed tooling to specific applications. Customized applied expansion tooling may be required under these circumstances. Please contact our technical engineering staff for an evaluation.